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🐱BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING❤️Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set

🐱BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING❤️Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set

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Is kitty mostly alone when you're busy with your days? This could, unfortunately, lead to boredom, destructive behaviors, or sleeping all day which leads to keeping your up at night...

To prevent this, you wanna provide your cat with toys that they can play with when you're not home.

Leo's Paw - Bird Toy Set for Cats
Providing your cat with toys they can use even if you're not there will give them the stimulation and energy release they need for a good night's rest, instead of keeping you up at night.
This cat toy set includes colorful birds with bells, that will catch your cat's eyes and attention, providing exercise and stimulation for your cat while you're away.

Built with a strong suction cup and a thin steel wire to attach a bird of your choice at the end of the wire.

Leo's Paw - Bird Toy Set for Cats
The wire will then flutter around as your cat paws and plays with the bird, creating a real-life bird impression that gives even more drift and attraction for your cat to play and attack the bird again.

This allows your cat to express its natural hunting instincts, burn calories, and even learn a few new tricks along the way.

Leo's Paw - Bird Toy Set for Cats
The suction cup base can be attached horizontally and vertically to any flat and hard surface such as hardwood floors or windows. 
  • Strong suction cup for horizontal and vertical attachment.
  • Thin steel wire that flutters and creates a real-life bird impression.
  • Provides stimulation and self-amusement for your cat.
  • Encourages cats to express their natural hunting instincts.
  • Provides exercise that improves your cat's health and well-being.
  • Colorful birds with bells and feathers to catch your cat's eyes.
  • Cat-friendly and non-toxic materials.
  • Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.


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🐱BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING❤️Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set